Story So FarCore Of Monkos are a dark comedy team from London, England. Their humour is dark, filmic, stupid and surreal. Their short film "I Tramp, Therefore I Am" was featured on Funny Or Die, they have been in the official selection of various UK film festivals and two of their short films were finalists at Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2018. They write, direct and produce their work and are looking for distribution to a wider audience.

The Team


Baboon (aka Jon Price)

Raised in the slums of Epsom, Baboon worked for what will be called "Skynet" for 13 years before leaving to join the resistance (aka the creatives). He had secretly been training without Skynet's knowledge using a camcorder since he was 16. The creatives deployed him to record sound on location but have recently switched him to acting. The Core make use of his organisational skills in production.

Sudo Simian (aka Belal Ladkani)

Surviving the violent back streets of Ham, Sudo extracted vital information from the "education" system and proceeded to infiltrate key businesses. As a professional editor he really knows how to cut. His timing and precision leaves victims stunned. He can slap out shot lists with his eyes closed.

Chimpos Muchos (aka Mark Lane)

Escaping from the ghetto of Epsom, Chimpos journied to the inner depths of the film industry. London had no idea what was happening until it was too late. Chimpos returned with the payload and continues to spurt it all over the Core. We can't stop ideas from forming in his head.